Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Crochet Thumbless Baby Mittens

My friend just had a Baby.....Yayyy!!...Congrats for the little bundle of Joy...and,I remembered how my baby Girl used to be super active waving her hands in excitement and in-turn scratching her self.
So decided to make these cute little scratch mittens for the new Baby.
Its super easy and you can crochet a pair of these in less than an hour.
Keep those tiny fingers warm and cozy in these cute pair of Baby Mittens. 

Materials Used:- 
  • 4 ply Acrylic Yarn
  • 3mm Crochet Hook
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Yarn Needle 
Start with a Magic Circle.

Work 14 Double Crochet in the magic circle.

 Slip stitch to the first chain and pull the loose end to close the hole tight.

 Start the next round with chain 3.
1 Double crochet(DC) in the same,2 double crochet(DC) in the next stitch.
Cast 2 DC in each stitch around.
At the end of this round you should have 28 stitches.

 Start with chain 3.
2 Double Crochet(DC) in the next stitch.1 Double crochet(DC) in the next.
Repeat 2DC,1DC all around.

Next round, start with chain 3.
1 Double Crochet (DC) in each stitch around.
Start each round with chain 3 and work 1 Double crochet in each stitch around.
Repeat until you reach the length required.
I made 7 rounds.

The 8th round, that is your 2nd last round will be a decrease round.
Check out how the Double crochet decrease is made.

You can just add the satin ribbon and finish off or you can add a round of border here.
I've made a shell stitch border.

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