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Monday, 26 December 2016

Crochet Santa Face Ornament

  • Acrylic Yarn
  1. White for Beard.
  2. Red for Hat.
  3. Cream for Face.
They have good variety of yarns you can choose from 
  • 3.5 mm Crochet Hook
  • 2 black beads for eyes.
  • one Red sponge for mouth.
  • Needle for weaving the loose ends 

Start with a Slip Knot.Chain Six.
Insert your hook in the first chain to form a loop.
Work 13 Double Crochet in the loop.
For the next round, take white yarn.
This will be for the Santa's beard.
Start with chain 3.

Work 2 Double Crochet in each stitch.At the end of the round you should have 26 stitches.

Now for the hat, take your red yarn.
Chain 3. This would be counted as first stitch.
Work 1 Double Crochet in next 3 stitches.
in the 5th stitch work 2 Double Crochet.
next in the 6th stitch-Work 2 Double Crochet.
Then continue with 1 Double crochet in the next 4 stitches.
Chain 1 and turn your work.

Now you will be decreasing the stitches.
Insert your hook in the first stitch, then insert your hook in the second hook.
You should have 3 loops on your hook.Then pull your yarn through all three loops.
This decreases the stitch. 

Do the same decrease stitch in the last two stitches.
Chain one and turn your work.
Continue with decreasing your stitch untill you have only one loop on your hook.
Chain couple of chain stitches and join at the base to create a loop to hang your project.

To Make the beard, start with chain 3.
In the 3rd chain, do a Single Crochet.
Then do single crochet in the next Stitch.
(This will give you the Picot Stitch.)

Chain 3, 1 Single crochet in the 3rd chain, 1 single Crochet.
Repeat all around.
Now for the next round , insert your hook in the front post of the stitch.
and continue with the picot stitch.

Weave in the loose ends.
I used 2 black beads for nose and and red sponge for mouth.
Stick it with glue.
You can also stitch eyes with black yarn and mouth with red yarn.

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